Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brain and Memory Boosting Food You Should Not Ignore

I’ve always believed that what we eat can significantly influence our physical and mental health. When we eat unhealthy food items, it increases our risk for a wide variety of ailments. However, eating healthy foods can nourish our body and help us become healthy. There are brain and memory enhancing food and beverage items can […]

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

55 Thoughts for English Teachers

This is a good read and interesting:

All of a sudden, I have been teaching public school English for a decade. Why am I surprised? I never thought I would be a high school teacher. I never took education courses. Only now am I beginning to reconcile my different professional selves: teacher, adjunct professor, and writer.

For years I avoided writing about my full-time profession. From 7:20 to 2:21 each day, I teach literature and creative writing courses at a large public high school in New Jersey. The day stretches much longer than that, but those are my salaried hours. I love kids, and I love books, and I love writing.

I didn’t avoid writing about teaching because I was ashamed of my profession, though I am aware that save for a handful of other teacher-writers scattered around the country, the majority of my literary peers work in higher education or publishing. They are tenured professors and adjuncts, editors and freelancers. When people learn at a book release or reading that I actually teach high school, as in kids, they look confused. I don’t blame them.

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